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We are a Catholic school and proudly so. Our students learn in an environment that promotes and nurtures the values of respect, compassion, honesty and integrity.

We engage in worship at our church throughout each term and celebrate with special liturgies throughout the year. Our children engage in prayer at various times throughout the day.

Our Catholic students are supported through our parish sacramental program which includes, Confirmation, Reconciliation and First Communion. Whilst our non-Catholic students don't engage in these sacraments, they are certainly encouraged to share in celebrating them together with their friends.

Our school belongs to the Parish of St Francis Xavier, Ballina. All families are welcome to celebrate Mass as members of our parish community on weekends and we come together once a month to celebrate together with a 'Family Mass' which is followed by a shared dinner.



We practise 'Making Jesus Real' in our school and promote the behaviours of Welcoming, Encouraging, saying Sorry, being Thankful, Including others and being Enthusiastic. Being a WESTIE is a good thing at our school and we celebrate children demonstrating these behaviours throughout the week at our Friday afternoon assembly.

The traditions of our school lie primarily in the works of our early parishioners and the Presentation Sisters. Following this tradition, we are a welcoming school concerned for the specific needs of each individual.



Parish school faith life



Our Kindergarten children participate in a variety of fun and creative learning activities across all of the key learning areas. Different methods (pedagogies) are used to engage the children in a range of activities to cater for various learning styles. You can follow your child's learning experience through information and photos posted to our secure facebook page.

Our Kinder room has been recently furnished with contemporary class furniture to accommodate the different learning styles our children exhibit. This will enable a number of flexible learning spaces to be created within the Kindergarten room to suit the purpose of specific activities.

As a transition year from preschool into your child’s Early Stage 1 schooling experience, our Kindergarten class provides opportunity for all students to work together in a well-resourced, hands-on learning environment.

Our classrooms have been designed to accommodate contemporary learning and best practices in education. Children are able to learn independently or in small groups based on their specific needs and

the task requirements, all the while being supported by their teachers.

Throughout the school, a strong emphasis is placed on student to teacher ratios. The flexible learning environment complemented by additional support staff ensures our children's individual needs are supported.

We encourage our children to use the available technology and various inquiry processes to investigate the world around them.





Kindergarten class structure


Orientation and buddy program

Throughout Terms 3 and 4 we will run an orientation program for all 2018 Kinder enrolments. This orientation program will provide the children with the opportunity to meet each other and their teachers for 2018 as well as their Year 6 buddies (current Year 5 students).

The orientation program will commence on Tuesday 18th September with our new students engaging in activities in the Kindergarten room whilst an information session and morning tea is held for our parents in the hall. The orientation program will then continue on Tuesday mornings (25th Sept, 23rd Oct, 6th Nov, 20th Nov, 4th Dec) from 9am to 11am.

During the formal enrolment interview, children and parents will have an opportunity to take a tour of our school, however, if at any stage prior to or after the interview, you would like to have a look around our school, please don't hesitate to contact the school office to make an enquiry or an appointment to do so.



The Year 6 buddy program establishes friendships between our new Kinder children and our Year 6 student leaders to provide an additional 'Guardian Angel' for them. This creates a greater sense of security for our new students, allowing them to settle into school more confidently. The Year 6 buddies play a prominent role in the settling of our Kinders throughout the first term and they maintain a strong friendship with them throughout the remainder of the year.




Subjects offered in our school

Consistent with the Board of Studies NSW, we teach the following subjects at St Francis Xavier Primary:

Mathematics; English; Science; History and Geography; Personal Development, Health and Physical Education; Creative Arts; Languages (Japanese).

Being a Catholic school, we engage in Religious Education lessons in addition to these key learning areas (KLAs).

Children participate in a weekly Fundamental Movement Skills program. This program is covered under PDHPE but as it implies, focuses specifically on the fundamental movement skills of children in these early years.

The children will engage in specialist programs for both gymnastics and dance over a two year period.



The Japanese program will be offered as formal lessons to all students from Kindergarten to Year 6 from 2018. The whole-school Japanese program allows all children to participate in various Japanese activities and events throughout the year such as our annual Japanese cultural evenings and skyping with classes from our sister school in Hiroshima.




School timetable and supervision


Welcome from the Principal


Our school staff are encouraged to maintain a professional standard through continued professional learning. Currently a number of staff hold higher degrees (PhD, MEdLead and MRE) and others are engaged in completing either Post Graduate Certificates in Education or Masters of Education degrees. In addition to this, all staff engage in the continual process of improving their own professional skills by participating in a range of Professional Development courses throughout the year.

These courses keep the staff up to date with contemporary practices such as implementing the new Australian Curriculum, understanding how to assist children with additional needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, and effectively structuring specialised programs in literacy and numeracy.

All staff set personal and professional goals which are evaluated throughout the year. These goals correlate with the AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and are monitored by members of the school leadership team.

The staff work collaboratively in various Professional Learning Teams throughout the school. By sharing best practice with each other, we aim to provide more engaging and meaningful learning experiences for our children.


Staff professional development at St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School provides reassurance for parents that you are entrusting your child's formal education to teachers who value high standards.



Staff professional development
Frequently asked questions



Does my child need to be Catholic to enrol in the school?

No, however preference is given to children who belong to families who practise their faith in our parish. Following this, preference will be given to other Christian families who show commitment to practising their faith, then other applicants.


Is St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School a private school?

No, we are a Catholic school. We value the importance of working with parents as a community to provide a quality education for our children and therefore encourage parents to engage in our community as much as possible. Upon enrolment of your child, you commit to supporting our school's Catholic ethos, values and principles. At our school, parents are expected to support their children throughout their educational journey. Through this expectation, our children and parents become part of our culture where learning is supported and encouraged.

In 2019, we will have an overall enrolment of around 390 students, which will include three Kindergarten classes of around 18 students each. This means that spaces will be limited so if you are genuinely interested in joining our Catholic school community, I encourage you to apply for enrolment promptly. Enrolment applications will be processed and interviews conducted throughout Terms 2 and 3, 2018.

Choosing the most appropriate school for your child's education is not an easy task so I have established a series of coloured tabs for quick reference to key information. These should provide you with answers to any questions you might have about our school and I encourage you to have a look at our school website via the link at the bottom for further information. You may choose to download our enrolment application form to continue with the enrolment process after you have had a thorough look at what our school has to offer.

Welcome to our 2018 Kindergarten Information page.

As Principal of St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School, I would like to assist you in finding out more about our school and what we have to offer for the education of your child.









At St Francis Xavier, we expect a high standard of behaviour and attitude from our students. To ensure we maintain a happy and positive learning environment in our school, we all have a vested interest in ensuring that quality education is maintained throughout the school. Whilst we place great emphasis on adademic improvement, we also nurture a more holistic development of our children, whereby they are also supported to develop socially, emotionally and spiritually.

During the enrolment interview, we will take a tour of the school, but if you would like to have a look around our school before then or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me to arrange this. We are always pleased to welcome new families to our Catholic school community so I look forward to the possibility of meeting you and your child for an enrolment interview.

Sincerely, Dan Gubby (ph 02 6686 3370)




Indigenous Education




We take great pride in ensuring that support for our students' wellbeing is maintained at the highest possible level at St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School. Through their daily interactions with school staff and other students, all children in our school can expect to be treated with the respect that they deserve as valued members of our Catholic school community.

Our kindergarten children are introduced to our culture of support during the Kinder Orientation Program where they will meet their Yr6 buddy for next year. In addition to our buddy program, all children in our school (and their parents) have access to our school counsellor throughout the year. Appointments may be made by request from parents via the school principal or referral from members of staff with parents' consent.

Throughout the year we offer small group support sessions for children who have experienced grief or loss through our Seasons for Growth program. Certain key staff members have undertaken professional training to facilitate this course for students. Parents can elect to enrol their child in this course which takes place over 8 x 1hr sessions during class time.


Our practice of Making Jesus Real fosters within our children a relationship with Jesus that is real and relevant to their daily lives. MJR is centred around the belief that we are the image of Jesus to all people around us and as such, our actions should reflect His values taught in the Gospel. 

Children at St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School can expect to learn in a safe and encouraging environment.



Student wellbeing


Parents are always welcome in our Kinder rooms throughout the year.

Parent helpers provide a wonderful service to our school through assisting with such activities as class reading programs and student social functions. Throughout the year levels, different degrees of parental involvement are offered, however we are always grateful for any offers of assistance so please don't hesitate to make yourself available if you are so inclined.

Our Parent Assembly is an invaluable asset to our school, supporting our parish school community through organising support structures for our parent community so that you may in turn support your children better. Additionally, our wonderful parent helpers play a crucial role in assisting with the operating of our school tuckshop duties.

At the Parent Information Night at the beginning of each year, class teachers explain the specific capacities in which parents can assist in their respective classes.


Our fortnightly school Masses and monthly Family Masses are a great way for you to engage in our parish school community life alongside your child.

Your involvement in our school will make us a richer community and it will send a strong message to your child of the support you have for his / her education.



Parental involvement


Our school provides each student with access to a range of digital devices. Currently each child in Year 5 and 6 is individually allocated one school device which they can use anytime throughout the year. By the end of 2017, we will have one-to-one devices throughout the school, from Kinder to Year 6. Children in Kindergarten will have access to both Samsung Galaxy tablets and windows laptops. The individual allocation provides guaranteed availability of these personal resources if they are maintained appropriately.

All classes are fitted with Interactive Data Projectors. These devices enable students to manipulate the screen with the use of a stylus, remote pen or tablet device.

The range of technologies available enables flexible learning environments throughout the school to cater for a range of learning styles.

We do not believe that technology alone makes for quality learning and although the school devices are available for use at any time, they are only used when necessary to enhance our students' learning experience as determined by each teacher.




Students learn to use a range of products from standard Word and Powerpoint software to graphics, audio and video programs, both on devices and online. Through the use of Google Classroom, teachers, students and parents can communicate and keep informed of learning tasks and student progress.

Students will have opportunities to engage in coding and robotics activities throughout the year and access to our 3D printer to support design and technology tasks.




Any children qualifying for an Individual Plan (IP, IEP, PP etc) and other children identified by class teachers or our Additional Needs Teacher are provided with differentiated learning and assessment tasks respective to their specific individual needs.

Our school offers a range of special programs to support our children through basic curriculum activities (such as developing sound skills in foundations of literacy and numeracy), as well as enhanced curriculum activities which we have designed to provide a more engaging learning environment.

We offer support for students in need through such programs as STAR (reading intervention for Year 1 students), Support-a-talker (oral language intervention for Year 1 students), EMU (Extending Mathematical Understanding) for Year 1 and targetted Mathematics intervention for Years 4 and 5 students. We also engage in Maths Foundation Skills tasks throughout the week.

Extension programs such as Tournament of Minds, Public Speaking competitions and Eisteddfod groups are offered in addition to support for students excelling in a range of sports at local, diocesan and state levels. Our students represent our school in various sporting activities including swimming, athletics, cross country, soccer, netball, rugby union and hockey amongst others.

Weekly instrumental music lessons are available at school.

We encourage hands on environmental science enquiry through our School Environmental Management Plan. Our environmental management projects focus on sustainability and include solar energy and weather monitoring as well as our vegetable garden and stingless Native Honey Bees.



Special programs and activities


We respect and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land upon which our school is built, the Bundjalung people. We promote the traditions of all of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students throughout the year, particularly in celebrations around Reconciliation and NAIDOC week.

Our Indigenous students are supported throughout the week by our school's three Indigenous Support Officers. Students participate in a range of intervention programs to support their Literacy and Numeracy development, as well as a range of cultural activities to provide them with opportunities to embrace and celebrate their cultural traditions.

We believe that the sharing of all of our traditions and cultures enhances our school community and provides us with greater appreciation of our multicultural nation.


Indigenous Education